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Client Testimonials

"As Coleen's client, I am a person, not just a number.  I am seen as a whole person, not as individual parts.  My body changes from day to day.  Coleen changes with me. She has helped me learn a lot about my own body, things I never knew before.  I am so pleased with what I've learned that I am already passing on much of it to my friends and others I care about.  Coleen is gifted provider.  She is very intuitive, skilled and professional.  The results are right here in front of me.  I am a healthier person, I am a different person.  I am definitely glad I met her."    Alan T.  RN


"I have had the pleasure of having Coleen as my bodywork therapist since 1995.  My doctor referred me to her after a work related injury.  I had been having no success getting out of pain until working with Coleen.  Her gentle techniques and abilities in assessing my issues have me continueing to see her after all the years."  

Jennifer A.

"I was having debilitating chronic headaches, which I thought I was going to have to live with.  A friend told me she had similiar issues and had great results with Coleen's work.  So I thought I would give it a try and I was not disappointed after my 1st session.  I would recommend her work."  Mary S.

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