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My approach to hands-on therapy is by nature whole body oriented, honoring the interconnectedness of the entire body and recognizing one area of imbalance can have a profound effect on the whole.


Our physcial, emotional and energetic health play a part in that balance.  Over time, I have found that treating the conditions of pain and restriciton from this whole body perspective allows for quicker and longer lasting results.  

My Viewpoint

Over twenty years of study and practice of various therapeutic and holistic healing methods offer me many tools with which to help you with your particular needs.  


My work is influenced by the teachings in the field of Osteopathic Manual Therapies, such as Cranio-sacral, Visceral Manipulation and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  A primary philosophy of these powerful, yet gentle modalities, is that when physical patterns and restrictions within our bodies are recognized and addressed, we will naturally find a place of ease and the body will self correct.


Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Holistic Healing Techniques





Receive help with your pain and stiffness through skilled, knowledgable and sensitive touch.


Experience the feeling of relaxation, rejuvination and a greater ease of movement after a session.


Generally, you will be fully clothed in your own loose comfortable clothing that you wear or bring with clothes, lounge pants, tank top, shorts and t-shirt all work fine.

For assessment purposes, you may be getting on and off an adjustable electric massage table.


You will take with you self care ideas and an increased body awareness as tools with which to help you maintain your positive changes.







What to Expect
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