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Do you have an injury, chronic pain or limited movement which keeps you from freely participating in life? Wouldn't you like to find freedom from:

Back and neck pain




Plantar Fasciitis


Post surgury recovery



Repetitive strain injuries


Digestive problems


Jaw pain - TMJ


Postpartum recovery

Hip, knee and joint pain




Walking difficulties


Scar tissue






We all hope to live in a place of comfort within our body, free to fully participate in the many activities that we enjoy. At times, however, injuries, falls, surgeries, aging and everyday stresses can lead to increasing pain, loss of movement and a decrease of lifestyle choices available to us.


My focus is on discovering the underlying causes of your pain. Often, the ongoing discomfort we feel is due to the restricted movement of some other area of our body.  I draw from gentle, safe and effective assessment and treatment techniques to help you with your individual issues, including Cranio-sacral, Visceral Manipulation and Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapies.



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